You’re a fabulously-multifaceted gal, blazing trails everywhere you go—your job, your family, your life in general, it’s pretty fucking awesome.

But there’s something not a lot of badasses like yourself talk about-


Blazing those trails can be full of ands.
Exhilarating and exhausting.
Inspired and Isolating
All-consuming and overwhelming.

And all of these ands?

The leave you feeling like something’s gotta give.
So you start believing the bullshit that you can’t have it all.

And it starts to show.

Work is going alright, but you’re snapping at your partner. So, that’s not really fun.

You’re building your side hustle, and it’s pretty fucking fabulous...except you don’t have time to take care of the basics like eating right or working out. And let’s play that—out-no self-care means a sick you which means less attention to your passion.

You know how you want to build your business, but something is missing and you can’t quite get it off the ground. Does that mean you’re going to let your calling pass you by?

Hell to the no. That’s where I come in!


I’m Dez.

I’m a life coach for rebellious, remarkable women who don’t just want to have it all, but have it all in their own unique way—no excuses!

I empower badasses through science, spirituality, and harnessing the power of their personality to conquer their goals. 

My job is to help you develop the skills and tools to live a life where you don’t have to choose.

Because, I’m not a huge fan of choosing.

That’s why I built a business I’m fucking obsessed with, while going to school and working a full time job.

Because I believe you shouldn’t have to take leaps so huge it puts you at risk of losing the roof over your head or not being able to buy food.

Because I believe you should be able to have peace and confidence even when you feel uncertain.

Because you want an extraordinary life, and you deserve a fucking extraordinary life.

That’s why I earned both my MS in psychology and MBA. Because, while I believe in and appreciate the power of the universe as much as the next gal, I also love science, evidence, and strategies supported by more than just one-off results. So I sought out the best training I could. And maintained my love of flow, freedom, creativity, and knowing when to just trust your gut. So, if you want someone who completely understands that life and business are beautifully messy, multifaceted things, has the knowledge to start from science and strategy, while including and appreciate spiritual pieces, as opposed to all one and none of another, I’m your gal!

In a world full of either/or, I’m all about the and.
And it’s time we fucking do this!

Because when I stopped choosing and started having it all, I got just that.

The independence
The security
The excitement
The adventures
The passion
The life.

So, you want to have it all? Step right this way.

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Desiree W. holds a Master of Science in Applied Psychology and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Pacific University. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Work from University of Portland. She is a two-time research fellow for the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Minnesota. A native of Orange County, California, Desiree pursued her academic career in Portland, Oregon where she achieved all four of her degrees. She currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband, rescue pup, and found forest cat. She is also the voice behind msMBA, a blog for executive level badass bosses who are looking for authenticity in a world full of filters.