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Sugar+Spikes+The extraordinary life


Sugar+Spikes+The extraordinary life

Because I’m not a huge fan of choosing.

That’s why I earned both my MS in psychology and my MBA.
That’s why I built a business I’m fucking obsessed with, while going to school and working a full time job.
That’s why my signature cocktail is whiskey and red wine. Because I love both and fuck choosing one.

In a world full of either/or, I’m all about the and.

Sugar and spikes
Passions and paychecks
Sleeping in and kicking ass
Action and  attitude
Work and play

There’s this lie rolling about that says you can’t have it all.
I’m calling BS.

Because You Can Have it All.
The deal?
When you have it all, you get just that.
All of it. All the joy. All the success. All the peace.

All the bullshit. All the stress. All the shit fights.

Learning to manage it all?  That’s how you become extraordinary.

Get all the support. All the tools. All the skills.
And Have Your Cake + Eat It Too. 
Right Here.